The Sons of Helios

by Soul Saint Marie

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This album was recorded for RPM challenge 2010 (, wherein artists sign up to write and record an entire album in the month of February.


released March 21, 2010

Tom Tierney, Patrick Southern, and Dan Pirello play on track #2 - Moving Forward, which was recorded and engineered by Tom Tierney at Spaceman Studio in Brooklyn, NY.
Everything else by Chris Roush




Soul Saint Marie

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Track Name: Moving Forward
Moving forward
Looking back.
I can't believe how much time has passed.
I can't imagine how much time is yet to come.

It's eons of darkness,
Flashes of light.
When I come a star I will burn so bright.
When I come a star I'll burn brighter than the sun.

Tomorrow's coming up behind you.
Let it be, let it be.

Mattress of lies,
Blanket of truth.
I know I'm right but I don't have the proof.
I knot I'm right but how could I ever tell you?

So I live in the shadows,
Pray to the light.
When I come a star I will burn so bright.
When I come a star I will shine brighter than the moon.

And you were the one who told me I was supposed to re-write the story of glories unsung.
So I tore out the pages that warned of the dangers of a life lived in service to a dying sun.
I scribbled the riddles my grandfather taught me, he wrote them in blood on the backs of my eyes.
I buried that book a mile below me and out in the front yard the trees reached for the sky.
Track Name: I Stayed Up
I stayed up to see the sunrise 365 days in a row.
Every single morning, I was caught by surprise.
You think by know I'd know
What was coming up,
What was going down.

I thought I was still a child 95 revolutions around the glow.
When I left, I left just a smile.
I guess now I'll never know
If I'm going up,
If I'm coming down.
Track Name: 47 Angels
In the presence of my mother
47 angels did appear.
Said, "You are blessed, oh yes, your spirit's free, your mind should never fear.
Just open up your window, close your eyes and you will hear..."

So she closed her weary eyes,
Opened the windows of her crowded mind,
And she head The Holy Note as it echoed in her head,
Felt her spirit rising up, the angels lifter her from bed.

When I close my eyes, all I see is The Other Side.

They carried her across the ocean,
Flew her past her childhood home.
Said, "Whatever distance you may wander, whatever place your soul may roam,
Know we're always right behind you, know you never walk alone."

They flew her past the outer atmosphere,
Out past all the stars in this god's domain.
Said, "All you see is but an echo, all the cosmos sings His Name.
If you'd only stop mistrusting, you'd soon join in The Refrain,
Feel your body filled with light where it once felt only pain.
It was only pain, now look what it became,
As all her sickness fell away and she joined in The Refrain.

When I close my eyes, all I see is The Other Side.

In the presence of my mother
47 Angels did appear.
Track Name: Give Me Strength
Give me strength enough not to name my gods.
God, give me strength.
Make me wise enough to forget all I know.
I know, I will learn again.

Lift me up enough; help me sing.
I will always sing.

Push me down; make me stand.
I will rise again.

You gotta stop all this foolishness, you've got to give up on the endless war.
You gotta trust that the winds of change are gonna blow you to the Other Shore.
Remember even if you learn everything, the Universe always holds a little bit more.
Track Name: The Bardo of Becoming
In the Bardo of Becoming,
The instant after death.
I heard, I heard Him Sing.
And I sang, sang along.

In a flash of former lifetimes,
I stood in judgement of my self.
And I believed I was supposed to be
Exactly who I believed I was

So I counted out my pebbles,
The white outweighed the black.
Consult the mirror - Everything's clear:
The Lord of Death was never my judge.

I lifted my gaze upward,
I was lifted off the ground.
Whatever I think of, I'm already doing
All that I could think of was Love.

I return Love to The Echo,
Return love to the refrain.
The Void whispers my name, but it's no longer me
No longer will I fear the Beast.

In the Bardo of Becoming,
I am not afraid.
So at the moment of luminous dawn,
I will rise again in the East.

All substance is my own mind;
This mind is emptiness, unarisen, unobstructed
So I keep my mind at ease.

I see weapons of spinning Fire,
I stand among the crowd in the city of souls.
I am reborn.

Now when the bardo of becoming dawns upon me,
I will open my eyes, relax and give in.
And Begin

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